Sunday, May 16, 2010


Day 7 of the cleanse ended up being the last day of the cleanse. It was convenient though. The last of the syrup was used with the last lemon so the only left over is the cayenne pepper and I can use that in other things.

To come off of the cleanse I made a smoothie. I am glad I did too. At first it seemed to hit me like a lead weight then all of a sudden I felt great and the whole time no cramps. I made a second smoothie later when my husband got home and he had some too. I have a feeling this may become a regular thing for us, which would be nice because there is nothing but fruit and yoghurt in the ones I make so they are pretty healthy. He seems to like them so I guess that's good. I used to live on smoothies when I was in college. I have a feeling I may get back on that band wagon. I always felt great and I remember that being the slimmest time in my life.

I did have a piece of a potato chip today but I mean a small tiny piece which wasn't bad. I also had a small piece of pizza which I ended up giving to the dog because I couldn't eat the whole piece. Oh well. What I ate tasted amazing.

I applied with the NS railroad today. Hopefully I will get a call or e-mail. More likely an e-mail from them. I applied for the train conductor position. There are a few available in the area and how cool is it to be building and driving a train around. If this pans out I will be so stoked.

It's been a great weekend and looks to be a busy week but I am looking forward to it. Now that I am done with the cleanse I am not sure what topic to turn to next but I am sure I will figure it out tomorow.


  1. What is the NS railroad? That sure sounds exciting!

  2. NS is Norfolk Southern and it is a large railroad company that owns and operates a large amount of the rails east of the mississippi from Florida up into Canada. Although I like Price Chopper and Love massage, I think this would be fun too.