Friday, April 1, 2011


 I had completely forgotten there were three potatoes in my produce bowl given to us (a long while ago) by my hubby's mother.  As you can see they have largely developed eyes.  I always thought potato eyes looked  a little alien to me but I digress.

Because I hate to waste anything, especially food.  I cut the eyes off to plant and cooked the rest for RJ's birthday dinner.  Now keep in mind I don't have a garden and had not planned on cooking a birthday dinner.

I originally planned to take RJ out to dinner tonight but he said he just wanted to stay in.  So Plan B turned into warming up the Cajun pork chops my mom sent me home with the other night and the spuds.

I did plant the eyes outside in the compost pile already though.  We"ll see if they actually grow or if the cold will be too much for them.  Today has also shown me that I need to keep more real food in this house.  If we had an unexpected dinner guest right now they would starve.