Saturday, May 15, 2010


Today is day 6 of the cleanse. I can now understand why they say to do the cleanse for 10 days. The first 4 days not so much movement, days 5 & 6 have seen much more movement. Excited in a not so excited kinda way if that makes sense to anyone but me. I was tempted to ditch the cleanse today but with the encouragement of my husband I kept going even through the birthday party with cake and ice cream. One good thing about sticking to it was seeing the look on my nephew's face when he tried the mix. It was priceless, too bad I didn't have the camera.

Rj's out getting wings. I have not wanted to quit this cleanse more than I do today. Missing out on cake, ice cream and now wings. Granted all these things are part of what made me want to do the cleanse in the first place but that is besides the point, I am still allowed to miss them.

My one biggest fear when I start eating again is that I'll do something stupid and binge on food and then feel like shit afterwards. I guess if I'm thinking about it now I will be aware of it later and it probably won't happen. That's the dream anyways.

Since I mentioned it, Nikara had her 2nd birthday party today. She made out like a bandit. Although that is too be excpeted for the only grandchild from an only son. Don't get me wrong by no means would I classify her or her father as spoiled brats but the only from an only is bound to be spoiled by one generation or another. It was fun none the less. Rj & I got to see family we hadn't seen in a while and see the rugrat run around and play with the other kids. Nikara is smart for two. Without saying a word she pretty much told her older cousins to piss off when she was tired of entertaining them. It was kinda cool.

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