Thursday, September 15, 2011

Change of Plans

So not that I ever have much planned but the recents flooding has definitely stirred things up a bit.  While Owego was under water Dave stayed with me at my Aunt Karen's house.  Although I was originally going to use that time to get settled in and become more comfortable being alone in the space I am far from upset that he was here.  I rather enjoyed his company for almost a full week before I took him back to Owego on Monday.  That change of plans was pleasant minus the crazy flood waters and ensuing damage. 

This morning I was going to move some very large tables for Becky and help her set up for a rather large estate/yard sale.  However, rain deterred those plans.  Don't want to the table to get ruined or anything.  Besides nobody really likes working in the rain.  Playing in the rain is a whole nother story!

So far my plans to go out Friday night with Tasha & Dave to see a show at the Haunt in Ithaca are still a go.  I am totally excited to just get out and party with people I know and love.  I haven't heard back from Jen yet but hopefully she can make it too.

One thing that won't change between now and next Tuesday is my birthday on the 20th.  I took that day off only because I plan to party to my hearts content on Monday night as well.  I'm only turning 29 but if I decide to keep that my permanent age then I am going to do it right!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Mobile Test

So this is a test to see if i can blog from my phone. Hopefully it works.