Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business Thoughts

I have been relatively busy lately but I think that's ok.  Last Sunday was my family's christmas get together.  It was very nice.  My brother, his wife and their kids came over to my parents house as well as my sister, her boyfriend and his girls.  The kids all played very well together.  Tim, Tasha and I were all in agreement though, if we had acted and played in the house like they had been doing when we were kids we would have been swatted and told to sit down and be quiet.  We find it very humerous how different our parents are with the grandkids as opposed to how they were with us.  Don't get me wrong they were and continue to be fabulous parents, the changes are just noticable. 

I had lunch with my mom Tues and she notices the difference with dad in particular.  We have a theory about the change, he has lost more of his hearing over the years and maybe the playing kids aren't as loud to him anymore so the noise doesn't bother him.  Either way Dad loves being with the girls and they love playing around when he is there. 

Monday and Wednesday were both full days at Nails Plus.  This coming Monday will also be very full.  Not only are my normal times booked I am also coming in early for 2 extra clients.  I am happy business is staying steady up there.  We'll see after the fist of the year but by the looks of things so far I don't think that will be too much of a problem.

I have also booked a client for Nichols next Wed after Bath.  On top of that I sold a gift card as well.  Maybe if things go well I will get some ectra money and be able to do a little advertising down here.  It would be nice if I could get this practice off the ground too.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Back

I am slowly getting back into my old routines. I have been sorting and cleaning quite a bit recently which feels amazing.

Although it is too cold to walk outdoors I am getting on the Wii again (sporadically best describes it). I brought the Ab Lounger in from the shed so hopefully now that it is in the house I will actually use it and not just pile things on it.

I haven't been reading but I have been playing with some crochet patterns and new yarn, maybe I'll make a scarf or blanket with a bunch of different test strips. That might look interesting. It will be good practice anyways.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to mail out our Christmas presents to Virginia. They probably won't get there in time but better late than never.

I only had 2 clients today and I always wish for more but it is better than none. So far no one is booked Friday but I am full next week. It kind of surprises me how many people want in right before Christmas. I am not complaining though. I ran a special for $29 for an hour massage I started it in Oct as a new therapist getting clients kind of deal and then I thought why not keep it going for Christmas. This has been great for getting new clients and it has given me a bunch of repeat clients as well but I am nervous that come next year they will all disappear when I go back to my normal rates. I guess I shouldn't be too nervous though because I think I am going to run a $39 hour special starting Jan 1st through Valentines Day in hopes of continuing the steady business. Of course all of this is happening in Bath.

I should really get motivated and do some serious advertising down here for over in Nichols. The only issue I have with the space in Nichols is it very small and I do mean VERY small. Almost claustrophobic small. I also need to get a second table for over there. I can't lug my current table back and forth; it is way too heavy. Guess I better start looking for a good deal or for someone who is willing to be paid in trade.

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hoe + Thow

I am very uncertain what to say today. I almost feel ashamed having not posted anything for 2 months especially after being all gung hoe about blogging in the begining. For that I appologize to anyone who actually pays attention to the things I post.

There are 2 weeks until Christmas and I am so unprepared and actually kind of out of the holiday spirit. Although I am excited to see Suzanne's rections this year I wish I could also see my other nieces also. Alas Virginia is quite a distance away. I attribute the lack of holiday spirit on working in a store environment. I have heard Christmas music since before Thanksgiving and seen Christmas merchandise since Halloween. That environment kinda makes the holidays wear thin very fast.

Although a lot of time has passed not a lot of new things have happened. My sister has changed living conditions and because of that I gave her my laptop so she would continue having a computer access.

A lot of working is really all I have been doing lately. Last Sunday and yesterday My mom, sister and I made a lot of our holiday goodies. Totals include 8 batches of fudge, 2 batches of Fruit Cocktail Cookies, 6 batches of Peppermint Patties and 2 batches of patty filling with cherry, raspberry or creme de minthe oils. All were delicious. To further experiment we dipped half of each new flavor in white chocolate. Although I am not normally a raspberry or white chocolate fan I absolutely love the raspberry patties in white chocolate. They were fabulously divine. I will probably make more of those to give away for Christmas.