Saturday, May 22, 2010


RJ & I went out to dinner at AppleBees tonight. It was so good. We both got the smaller portion dinners and skipped appetizers and desert. It was probably our least expensive dinner out in a while but it was so good and I didn't have to worry about left overs or anything like that. After dinner we stopped at a couple to stores to get the networking stuff RJ wanted. He it such an electronics junky. It's kinda cute. Anyways when we got home RJ started doing his thing and I went to the store to get some goodies. Not that I need junk food but it sounded so good and trust me they tasted good as well. Ice cream with cookies and milk. I was in heaven it was so good. It didn't take much to fill me up either. Tonight is relax before work @ 3 am. After work tomorow is when I am going to put a hole in the wall so RJ can finish what he's been dying to do with the network. I think I will also do some serious catching up on things tomorow. Although I am not behind with anything I feel like I'm not ahead yet.

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