Friday, March 23, 2012

Over Active Brain

Good Evening!

It seems as of late that the only time I am able to get online is after 9 pm hence the late night posts on both facebook and here.  Oh well I guess that just means I am being slightly less lazy than I was before.

I did walk today.  It didn't happen until 7 pm but it happened none the less. 

I also got a few financial things checked off my to-do list.  With any luck and maybe a tiny bit of planning I can get a couple more things handled tomorrow before Tasha gets here.

Oh!!  And that is another thing I am super excited about.  Tasha will be here tomorrow!!!  We will be going to the Amish bulk food place on the way the Penn Yann and I will be receiving a Reiki session while she's here as well.  Can NOT wait!

So now for the actual reason I was typing.  Last night my brain just would not stop.  It's not like I was focused on one thing either.  My thoughts just kept jumping from one thing to the next.  I couldn't get myself to focus long enough to ground and the few short times I was able to focus one one thought or idea it was always a very stressful topic.  I don't know what my deal was but it kept me up until 3:30 or 4 am.  The other wierd thing is when my alarm went off at 7:30 am, I hit the snooze but didn't really go back to sleep.  Normally I can zonk back out for 4 snoozes easy.  Not this morning.  I was awake. 

The one good thing?  I wasn't stressing over every and anything when I woke.  It definitely helped that I called Dave at work at like 2 am and he said he would talk things through with me when he got home.  For some reason I think that helped ease my brain/nerves a little.  He does have this crazy ability to calm me down and I'm a worry wart!  We did talk this morning, which is how I was able to get a couple things done. Yay for results!

Well I'm off to chill a bit before trying to sleep.  Hopefully I'll be more successful tonight.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Been a While

I haven't posted anything for a while but mostly because I haven't been online very much.  The most recent things to happen include: having an amazing week at work, a trip to VA over St. Patrick's Day weekend, getting lost in Charlottesville, and bringing Aaron's car back to NY.

The great week at work was a few weeks ago but it involved 16 clients and for me that is a LOT.  If I could get that every week I definitely wouldn't be in the hurt I'm in now.

Getting lost in Charlottesville is included in the trip to VA.  My niece Addison turned 2 on Monday.  To celebrate Mom, Dad, Dave and I drove to Virginia Friday and stayed down there until Sunday morning.  The drive down Friday was nice even though it included 1 over turned big rig, 1 drifting big rig and 7 hours of drive time.  The drive time went fast though because I slept for the last half of it.  :)  

Saturday, Dave and I drove to Charlottesville in search of a tobacco shop, which come to find out we drove by twice before finding it.  I also wanted to find the Great Harvest Bakery I have read about in a blog I follow called Kath Eats Real Food.  Unfortunately we didn't find it but we were kind of overwhelmed by the drunk college kids running around.  Not necessarily overwhelmed but afraid to hit one of them as they ran willy nilly in the streets.  Oh well!  I'm sure we'll be down there again and maybe it won't be so hectic.  After we got back from that, all 7 of us went to the local chili cook off put on by one of the churches.  The chilies were pretty good and coming from a person who doesn't normally enjoy chili that means a lot.  After the cook off ended around 7 pm we went home and had cake and ice cream for Addison.  She still doesn't quite grasp the whole blowing out the candles concept but her sister Alina helped. 

When the girls were in bed, Mom & Dad agreed to keep an eye on the sleeping babes while Dave and I took Amanda out for an Irish drink or two, it was St. Patrick's Day after all.  The three of us definitely showed our age though.  We went to the closest bar, pounded an Irish Car Bomb, had one more drink and decided to buy some wine and drink at home.  That wasn't terrible but what drove our old foginess home was all three of us fell asleep before finishing a single drink at the house.  Needless to say my parents laughed quite hardily at us in the morning.

Sunday morning involved an early Easter Bunny visit, a quick breakfast and packing before hitting the road.  Dave and I drove Aaron's car while Mom and Dad had the van.  Funny enough, Dave and I left almost an hour before Mom and Dad but because we made a bunch of stops in the beginning we ended up passing them in PA on the way home.  We did beat them home by almost 45 minutes, which was enough time to start switching the tires around between the Neons.

After all was switched around the four of us had cold meat sandwiches for dinner before Dave and I continued up the road home.  All in all it was a wonderful weekend.  Now that we are home and have a second vehicle everything should go back to normal soon.

Random note:  I did get 3 walks and a jog in this last week.  This week isn't looking so hot but maybe tomorrow will be better.

Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Websites

I have been working on getting my name on the interweb.  Unfortunately it has been a while since I have to creat a webpage so I am definitely a lot rusty.  Thankfully I have a caouple friends who are interweb pros.   The first one I set up was just a tester/accident.  I clicked on a link looking for info and set up a webpage before I knew it.  It was free so no harm no foul.   This is what I get for clicking on those facebook advertisements.

The second webpage is through my ABMP membership and is also "free".  As free as yearly dues allow but more free than paying for my own domain name.  It's very generic but hopefully soon it will include pictures, sales announcements and much, much more.

If you happen to visit either site could you please respond with some feedback or suggestions.  Like I said before I am very rusty at this and any input would be greatly appreciated.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Opportunities Abound

Today was a good day at the shop.  All 4 of my scheduled people showed up!!  Also on a bright note, I will be stopping at a chiropractor's office tomorrow morning because I heard he is looking to bring on a massage therapist and I am going to call FLSM because the position I applied for has now officially been posted so I will see who I can talk to about it.  Hope everyone is having a great day and soon to be night.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well calm is not the name of the game yet.  Monday afternoon Dave woke up with a serious toothache.  Like his cheek, jaw and neck were swollen!  It was hard for him to swallow and everything.  Needless to say off we went to the emergency room.  Three hours there got him a sorry all we can do for you is write you a script for antibiotics and pain pills you can't fill til tomorow.  Thankfully the NP was nice enough to give him one antibiotic treatment and one pain pill there.  Tuesday morning we get the prescriptions filled and get him into a dentist.  Surprisingly the Davenport & Taylor Family Center in Bath was able to get him in with only about a 20 min wait.  That landed him a written referral to an oral surgeon to have one, possibly two teeth extracted.  I called them right after the dentist not expecting to get in but I am so thankful to whoever canceled at the oral surgeon because they got him in this morning and were even able to pull both teeth at once because he had already started the antibiotics.  The oral surgeon gave him another two scripts which he had to start this afternoon as well.  This boy is so doped up no wonder he's sleeping.  He talked to work and even though the oral surgeon said no work he's going to at least go in and babysit everything because they need a manager there.  I will definitely be driving him because I am not letting him drive with everything he is on.  I doubt the boy will even be able to make an informed decision but well see how he feels when he wakes up.  Maybe with those teeth out he will be more rational.  Anyways, off to look for another job.  Have a good night everyone.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Things have been absolutely CRAZY the past two months!  The last post I did was December 13th and I was all gunghoe about consistency and being accountable blah blah blah.  I have thought about posting a bazillion times it just hasn't happened.  Geepers I'm pretty lame.

So the rest of December was filled with a LOT of trips back and forth to mom & dad's, Christmas shopping, and work.  Pretty typical December fare.  However extremely spuratic I did get some walks in.  Mostly while I was at my parents walking the dog.  There are always stairs to climb at work and Karen's so that is helpful too.  I think I even got in a couple yoga days and a few push-up set in at work.  Oh!  Also Aaron flew home to Virginia from Afghanastan!  He took all his leave time and was able to be in the states for 3 weeks.

January was even more running around.  Aaron was home in NY the 1st - 7th.  During that week I took off as many days off of work as possible to spend time with him and the girls.  I even had Alina, Addison and Suzanne to myself that wednesday so we baked cookies.  We had so much fun!  We had colored cookie dough, crazy shaped cutters and frosting to boot.  The girls were covered in all of it.

A week or so later Dave totaled his car when he put it in the creek on a particularly icey night.  That was loads of fun.  Thankfully he wasn't hurt and a neighbor saw him go in and gave him a lift back to the house.  He wasn't even out of the house 5 minutes!  Needless to say he did not make it to work that night as we had to wait 45 minutes for a wrecker to get there, have them pull the car up and out which took over an hour and then figure out how we were going to get both of us back & forth to work on one vehicle since he works 70 miles away. 

The following week was a lot of planning and driving.  I am ironically thankful that I didn't have a lot of clients the week after his accident because that made our lives a lot easier to plan.  The only down side was a lot of gas was used and not a lot of income from clients does not make happy times. 

The begining of this week (Sunday) my brother Tim went into the hospital and had to have a TON of tests run on him.  They ultimately don't know what caused the siezure but all the tests show compression fractures along the spine.  The final say was that there are identical cracks from T2-T10 that would normally happened from a 2-3 story fall.  They are performing a bone density test because he only fell from a standing position.  He was able to come home Tuesday night but I still have not heard the results from the bone density test.  On top of that Alex, the youngest member of our family (8 months), was taken to the walk-in Monday and because of his oxygen levels they rushed him to the hospital to find double ear infections and a viral infection around his lungs.  Thankfully he was able to be home Monday night but he is on a bunch of meds.

That brings us to February and with any luck things will settle down a bit.  The only thing so far is that Tim and I have switched cars.  No he's not driving but his wife Marilyn is and Tim can't get in or out of his car because it's too low to the ground and he is going to have a bunch of doctor appointments over the next couple weeks.  So they now have a vehicle that he can be in and I have a vehicle that gets amazing mileage which is fantastic because Dave and I are still on one vehicle until his taxes come back and he can get a car of his own.

I know there was a Christmas party or two in there somewhere, a birthday party and some other gatherings but the main activities have been covered.  With any luck I will be able to get back on my blogging and exercise band wagons with more conviction.  Off to do my taxes now.  Have a good night everyone.