Friday, May 14, 2010


It's day 5 of the cleanse. I still have not had any serious hunger pains which I think is very good. It also confirms what I already knew; if I'm stranded anywhere for a week I will survive as long as I have a source of water and I wouldn't look the least bit famished when found. I have also learned that until today I wasn't sure if this cleanse was working. Today I pooped for the first time since I started the cleanse. I was thinking if there is no poo there probably is no cleansing happening. I'm not sure if there was just a lot of stuff to sort through before my body decided to get rid of it (sorta like me and house cleaning) or what but I was super excited to poo. Wierd; I know.

Another note of personal cleanse education. The Grade B maple syrup tastes much better than the Grade A. When looking for supplies all I could find near me was organic Grade A maple syrup so I bought it thinking "This will have to do." However, a week after I bought it I was at the craft festival in Athens, Pa and found this vendor who was selling his own maple syrup and I found Grade B. YAY!! I was so excited. Now I started using the cleanse with Grade B because that is what was called for but when I had (2) 8 hr days in a row I left the Grade B syrup at work and used the Grade A while I was home. Thank goodness the Grade A is almost gone, it definately doesn't taste as good. I am going to use it up this weekend while I am home.

Another cleanse thought came to mind while typing. I will probably run out of syrup completely before the 10 days is up because I am definately going through it faster than anticipated. I don't know if I will look for/buy more if I run out early. I definately will no run out of the other supplies but I had a hell of a time finding the right syrup the first time and it was expensive to boot. I guess I will just have to wait and see. Maybe if I stumble across some that isn't too much money I will get it.

On the blog testing note, I think I like this a lot. I was never good at meditation at FLSM but quite a few people said it made them feel focused and grounded and that is how I feel when I am done typing. I guess maybe I should have started doing this a long time ago.

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