Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day!!

Hello Hello!!

Happy Memorial Day to everyone and I hope you have thanked any and all service men and women.

I am contemplating putting in my two week notice at Price Chopper.  I just don't like working there anymore.  Although I know that is not a good reason to quit and I know reliable jobs are hard to come by these days I just am not happy there.  Working day and night is wearing on me pretty hard but my day job just doesn't pay the bills so I know I need Price Chopper still.  I guess I will just keep trying to figure things out.  Something might just come along and be the answer I am looking for. 

I went and raided mom's pantry last night.  I picked up 2 quarts each of string beans, peaches and applesauce, 1 pint each of blueberry and plum jelly and 1 small jar of peanut butter.  Now that gardening and canning season are upon us it's time to get mom's pantry organized for easy loading.  I guess another rationalization I have for wanting to put in my two week notice is I will have more time to help with the garden, fixing things around the house that need to get done, canning, crafting and generally living the way I want to as apposed to just going through the motions to pay the bills.  Wishful thinking I know because the bills always need to be paid and those obligations come first right now.

Hubby is snoozing right now but when he gets up we are going to his momma's house to get some things taken care of that we have been putting off for some time.  His mom wants her air conditioners in, there are trees to clean up that fell down during the storms last weekend and there are two piles of brush that have been waiting since last fall to be burned.  Maybe while he is snoozing I will run down town and get the stuff for my raised beds.  Today could end up being more productive than I thought.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Today is Mother's Day!

Good Afternoon.  I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and giving special thanks to their moms today!!

The hubby is sleeping and hopefully he stays that way for some time.  Not only has he not been sleeping well, he had an upset tummy last night, making him the most miserable grump ever. :-(  So needless to say I am excited that he is asleep at the moment.  I know I am not a mother of two or four legged children but I think sick hubbies should count.  And on that note I am declaring Happy "Mom" day to me too.

I know I haven't posted anything in over a month and a lot has happened but my brain is having a hard time organizing everything coherently.  I guess I should start with the beginning of April.  Dad's birthday was April 3rd and although we didn't do anything extra special we did have cake and ice cream.  My brother Aaron's birthday was the 4th.  Because he lives in Virginia, we did not get to see him on his day but I did send him a Facebook note and a call to wish him a happy birthday. 

April 9th (I think) I went on a wine tour with a few friends to celebrate Scott's birthday.  It was supposed to be a wine and cheese event around Cayuga Lake.  Even though, as a group, we had a blast and the wine was delicious, we all were disappointed with the lack of variety for the cheese aspect of the event.  After the tour we stopped and had some Thai food in Ithaca but I don't remember the name of the restaurant, sorry.

The Zion Lutheran Gala was the 16th and although I couldn't go I did donate two massage gift certificates to the silent auction.  Hopefully they helped raise some much needed funds.  I never did check in with Jen to see how they made out.  I will have to do that soon.

Easter weekend I went up to my grandpa's house for a huge Easter/Birthday celebration.  April is the month of birthdays in my family.  I think there are 16 total including my Grandpa's which fell on Easter this year!! 

My brother Tim's stepdaughter Heather had her baby on Tuesday the 26th.  His name is Alex and he is super adorable and small.  In a family of large babies (8-11 lbs) he is very tiny at barely 6 lbs.  It's kind of crazy to think of my little brother, who is only 24 years old, as a grandpa especially considering his daughter is only 3.

The 30th mom and I went to the Athens' Craft Fair.  It was fun as always.  This event has grown immensely since we started attending it.  When we first started attending there were the outdoor vendors maybe 4 food vendors and a hand full of booths inside the school.  Now there are the outdoor vendors, about a dozen food vendors, 8 or 10 kiddie rides, the one school building is full of vendors and the second school building is filling in nicely.  I don't know how much more they will be able to grow and still stay at the school.  Either way it is always a fun time.  Mom & I did come to the realization that we don't normally go on Saturday.  We had always gone on Sunday before.  This year we couldn't figure out why it felt extremely busy and packed until we realized it wasn't Sunday. 

After the event we stopped at the Chinese buffet which was delicious.  They always have a huge variety including sushi bar, hibachi grill, standard hot and cold bars, salad bar, dessert bar and a separate fruit bar.  I'm sure I could stay there and eat for hours but I usually keep it simple with three half full plates.  I never fill my plates when eating at a buffet.  First plate is the stuff I want to try but may not like.  Almost like an experiment plate to try things I've never had before.  The second plate depends on how much I actually ate from the first plate.  If I didn't eat much of the experimental plate then I go back for a few things I know I like, sesame chicken, stir fry veggies or lo mien noodles for example.  If I ate most of the experimental plate or am on plate number three it's all about dessert.  I am a creature of habit when it comes to dessert.  I usually get chocolate pudding, bananas with strawberry sauce and possibly some fruit if it looks appealing.

And that brings us back to May and Mother's Day is the first big thing happening for me in May. So I am off to my parent's house.  I think a shower is in order first though.

I should really post more often so my posts are four miles long.