Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Good Morning Planet Earth

Day 2 of the master cleanse is going very well. I haven't been hungry but I have realized how much I ate out of boredom. This morning was a prime example. I had three glasses of the mix this morning and still wanted to eat even though I wasn't hungry so I went for a bike ride instead and the desire to eat went away. I will see how many more things I become aware of during this cleanse.

Totally different topic...I finished part of the christmas present for Jon (my sister's boyfriend) before I went on the bike ride. I am very stoked about that. Next thing on my crafty to do list is finish the bikini I started for my sister Tasha. She was supposed to be going on a cruise this month, that fell through but I am still going to finish the bikini for her. Maybe she can use it this summer.


  1. I am sitting here eating out of boredom right now! I envy your self-control.
    Bikini? Are you knitting one or sewing one?