Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Can't Help It

I had a pretty interesting day in a not so pleasant way. Until about 7pm my day was same old same old. Then I went to a chorus concert for a 5th grader which wasn't all that horrible. I definately remember singing the exact same songs when I was in chorus.

Anyways, I then go to my friends house (mother of said 5th grader). Also not inherently unpleasent. I know most assuredly why I never will have children. THEY ARE EVIL! To the core of their miniature bodies. Don't get me wrong I know 90% of that is parenting but the other
10% is still very important. It's their ability to drive me insane in a single breath.

I do not understand why a person, legal adult or otherwise, would want to raise a child to be disrespectful, mean, insubordinant and down right obnoxious. I know the down right obnoxious part is hard to control in an 11 yr old but still.

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