Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Today thoroughly feels like a rinse and repeat day. I unexpectedly had to work because someone called in. Then I came home, made lunch, checked e-mail, facebook, etc then I went for a long walk. I say long walk but I don't know exactly how far it is I just know I walked for 90 minutes at a pace that made it difficult to sing with the music playing in my ear. I enjoyed the walk though. I was able to observe different things tis time. I used my eyes more today than previously. I notice some very cool looking trees and by their sizes most of them were pretty old. I was thinking I should take my camera with me on the next walk but now I'm not so sure. Maybe on a nice sunny day.

This evening when I made dinner for my hubby I made a smoothie as usual. It was different than the others though because this one was papaya, mango and banana. I liked the flavor but the texture was very different. Not necessarily bad just different. On top of that I was so hungry that I made another smoothie for just me. I drank the whole thing but nowI feel completely full without being over full or feeling like like I'll want more to eat later tonight.

So back to my long walk. I got a blister the 1st long walk I took and made the decision to get new sneakers before walking a long time again. Well, my infinite stubornness kicked in and I only wore a different pair of old sneakers thinking they would be better and the blister on my foot won't hurt. I AM AN IDIOT!!! Why on earth I thought that I have no idea. I knew I had a blister and I knew it would hurt if i walked on it a lot or could possibly get worse. Well it definately got worse. I made it all the way home started to stretch and when I went to go inside to change I couldn't even lay my foot flat on the floor. That was 3 hours ago. I still can't even lay my foot flat. I will say it again. I AM AN IDIOT!!! Geesh Rachel. You have a brain. Use it!

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