Saturday, June 26, 2010


I was so excited that Fox was going to start posting episodes of Bones on their site again. This morning when I went to see the new episode I saw it was a rerun. I then found out that the new episodes don't start again until September. Duh!! I have been watching this show for a while now, I should know better. Oh Well! It just means I won't be spending the morning watching Bones. This is the perfect opportunity for me to go for a walk instead.

Today is going to be a productive one over at mom & dad's. I will be helping my momma plant more garden. With any luck we will be able to finish the one next to the house and get some more done on the flat. I am so exited! Things are growing and starting to get big and bushy. YAY!!

I am also happy for what tomorrow has in store. First the Cherry Festival on Cayuga Lake, then giving a massage at FLSM, and then maybe getting to some crafting done. I am super stoked that I took this weekend off. I definitely needed these consecutive days off.

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