Tuesday, June 8, 2010


Worked today at Price Chopper and then went to mom & dad's to help plant the garden. Put in 3 rows of potatoes, 2 rows of onions, 3 rows of string beans and one row of rutabagas. I am extremely excited about the rutabagas in particular. I like their taste but hate the grocery store price tag. We definitely need to keep an eye on them come harvest time so they don't get overly large and pithy. I will be back over there tomorrow to get the garden next to their house prepped for planting. Pulling weed, rototilling and things like that. I will also rototill the lower garden where the zucchini, squash, melons and tomatoes will be going. If we get all of that done and it still hasn't rained we may get the zucchini, squash, melons and tomatoes planted as well.

Another thing that happened today which I am happy about is I was able to play with my niece Suzanne. When she was a baby and even up until about 3 months ago she would scream bloody murder if anyone other than her parents even looked at her. Now she runs up to me when I get there, I can pick her up, chase her around and generally have fun with her and she enjoys it. I was extremely amused when I tapped her on the head four time saying duck every time, then the last time I said goose, ran away and she chased me all around the kitchen into the living room. Then she tagged me and expected me to chase her in return. I was just highly amused by this. I was also amused when it was time for me to leave she waved good bye and blew me a kiss on her own like it was the normal way to say good bye. I thought it was really cute. I am glad to see she is becoming more sociable even if it is only with her family so far.

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