Friday, June 11, 2010


So today was a generally fun and productive day. This morning I was up around 9 ish, returned a movie RJ kept forgetting to take back, parked at Price Chopper to walk around Owego, picked up a few groceries and then came back home. The walk was nice. I must have booked though because I left my house at 10:20 give or take a couple minutes and I was done returning movie, walking and grocery shopping by 11:35 and when I first started walking the same route itself took the full hour. I would say that is pretty good because that hour and 15 minutes includes drive time.

Anyways, back home I did some online stuff quickly before mowing the yard. When the yard was done I had a cold meat sandwich for lunch which was simply yummy. Then I did some other outside clean up like picking up all the rope, condensing the coal bins and making it so they don't get filled with water, and cut down some of the branches which had been rubbing on the roof. After all the outdoor stuff was finished up I cleaned me up and made meatloaf. It was actually the 2nd time in 2 days but that's because I burnt the crap out of the first loaf because I forgot it was in the oven. So four hours later when I remembered/smelled it I pulled it out pretty black. Today's loaf turned out much better because I didn't forget about it.

I was going to help mom with the garden this evening but I got a notice from a friend that she was going to be in Endicott because her girls race bmx bikes there, so I went there instead. I am actually really glad I did because I needed to get some social interaction outside of work and I like watching the girls' activities. I also found out they race in Owego (two minuted from my house) and in Sayre (15 minutes from my house). I told her to call me when they go so I can meet up and watch them race. The girls are in the same class so Sierra always wins but Cheyenne is getting better and she tries really hard. Brandy's going to try and get the girls in a national race in Maryland and Massachusetts which I would love to be able to watch. Maybe I could get the time and go with them, that's if they want me to go.

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