Monday, June 7, 2010


Today was nice. I worked the overnight last night so I came home and crashed for a few hours. When I got up it was about 3 pm ish. I did some online stuff, talked to RJ for a bit and got a bite to eat. After that I drove to West Windsor to look at a house. I didn't realize how far away Windsor really is until I got there. Holy Hanna!!

Anyways, the house is small and looks pretty trashy but that was expected since the online description reads "handy man's delight". I think the worst part of the house is all the garbage. It was everywhere. Bags piled inside (seen through the windows), on the back porch and in the yard. I think cleaning it up would make a world of difference. The other reason it looks not all that great is because the previous owners cut the front porch off for some reason. I mean it may have started falling apart but they definitely finished it off. The main reason I looked at the house is the acreage with a small price tag. I wish I had been dressed for hiking in the woods. from the house all I could see was the hillside behind the house and the field across the street. I don't know which went with the house but if it's the hill I see why it was so cheap.

Well after looking at the house I stopped in to see mom and dad and managed to catch them on their way downtown so we all went out to dinner at the Rice Chinese Restaurant in Owego. They are a small place and are never very busy but I would say they have the best Chinese food in town.

I know I haven't been very productive but oh well. It's bed time now.

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