Saturday, July 3, 2010


This weekend started not so great but I am hoping will end on a lighter note.

Yesterday I went to the viewing of Jerry Dartt. I am sure there aren't many people who read this who will know who he is but he was the father of a very good family friend, an officer of the Steuben County Sheriff Department for 30+ years including 3 terms as sheriff and an all around great guy. Although I do not have any personal stories of shenanigans with him my older family members do. I was unable to attend the funeral service today but while at the viewing I heard many highly amusing stories about this man from my mother, father and Steve Dartt. Steve is Jerry's son and my father's best friend in the whole world. Although my deepest sympathies go to Steve and his family I have to admit that I am happy Jerry is no longer in pain. Death can be a much needed relief.

Different topic: I tried starting some seeds months ago from fruit I had bought from the store for smoothies. My starter inventory consisted of 3 mango, 2 peach & 3 apricot seeds. To my great displeasure none of them have done anything and all 3 of the mango seeds have rotted so I threw them all in the cut grass pile under the dying maple tree. I knew getting them to grow was a long shot but I was still hopeful. Watch, now that I have given up on all of them and thrown them to the compost pile they will all do great, minus the rotted mango seeds of course. I guess I will just have to try again with the next bunch of fruit I buy.

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