Sunday, June 6, 2010


**WARNING** **This turned out much longer than anticipated.**

The last three days have been a blessing and a curse in my mind. I have had a wonderful time with family but I have not been super productive or persistent with my walking. I did not work Fri or Sat. and I only worked 5.5 hrs today. Not good for the pay check but fantastic for the social life.

Friday I spent quite a bit of time with my hubby. I thoroughly enjoyed that because we don't get to see each other a lot because of our day vs. night working schedules. To be honest I don't remember a whole lot of what I did Friday but I don't remember any stress, arguments or wishing I was at work either. I do remember we went to dinner at the Grand Central Restaurant in Owego and then visited his mom for a couple hours after that.

Saturday I spent almost the entire day with my mom and sister. We went to the Rhubarb festival at the Montezuma Winery, which was at the corner of 89 & 20/5 at the north end of Cayuga Lake. Although the festival itself was a let down for us it wasn't all bad. There were some amazing classic cars there and the band was good. My sister took pictures of many of the cars so maybe I can get her to send me some. When looking at the flier for the festival we anticipated more rhubarb oriented foods, festivities, vendors etc. At the festival the only rhubarb oriented festivity was a rhubarb stalk toss and we didn't get there early enough to participate but we did get to watch it. That was kind of amusing especially seeing so many different ways to try and throw a rhubarb stalk the farthest. The food although not bad was mostly prepackages/processed foods. The only thing made on site was the rhubarb chili which wasn't bad at all and I am not nor have I ever been a chili fan. There were pies and jams but they were all factory processed. There was no place to buy fresh rhubarb which kind of surprised us. They did have their rhubarb wine at a discount and I liked that muy mucho. As far as festivals go, it's more of a fun local gathering not the kind of festival you drive for 30+ miles to attend.

I think our own experiences and expectations were the worst let down. Along the line of experiences, Mom & I drove about 45 minutes to Cortland to pick up Tasha and then 45 minutes to the festival. So that time was good for conversation but bad to stiff joints. On top of the drive time my Jeep started having issues on the way to Tasha's place so we stopped in Apalachin, called Marilyn to come get us, take us back to Mom's house, get her Jeep and start again. The car trouble was not overly bothersome to me but what was more frustrating for me was we decided to have Marilyn follow me driving my Jeep back to Mom's and the whole drive back nothing happened. None of the skipping, sputtering or noises happened the whole way back. I guess that's not necessarily bad but when you are trying to diagnose it makes it very difficult.

I guess one bonus to the weekend is that after I was home Saturday evening RJ & I burned some of the wood we had out front in a little campfire. I was nice and relaxing for me and I was super stoked because I have been wanting to burn that wood for a long time now. If it hadn't rained today I would definitely have burned more tonight. Maybe tomorrow instead if it doesn't rain.

On the walking note I originally intended on talking about, I have been such a horrible slacker! I thought about walking Friday and Saturday and just didn't do it. I was hoping to be able to walk today but it rained in the morning and I took a long nap after work. Now I just don't feel like it. I think I will get on the Wii Fit instead; I haven't done that in a long time. I will probably look like a fish out of water but it will be fun. I hope tomorrow is nice because I am looking forward to walking around Owego.

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