Thursday, January 27, 2011

Disoriented & Unorganized

The last few days have left me feeling exactly as the title states.  Our water froze Sunday night.  I don't mean like one or two of the smaller pipes froze, oh no, no, no.  The main pipe coming out of the ground froze.  Not fun.  Rj and I tried all day to get it to thaw out with no results.  Thankfully I had no clients in Bath on Monday and although that is not necessarily bad it is not good because I need income and steady income is even more useful.  We called park maintenance around 5 pm after trying everything we could think of. He came down and said there was nothing he could do; we would just have to wait for it to thaw on its own.  I worked Monday night at Price Chopper which also not bad and actually very routine. 

Return home from work on Tuesday and there is still no water.  I was so frustrated by that and a few other minor incidents (stubbed toe for example) that I basically had a melt down that day.  Because of the melt down I forgot to call Nails Plus to see if I had any clients.  Thankfully I did not but I only know that because Sherri, who is the most fabulous office assistant you could ask for, called me to make sure i was ok because she hadn't heard from me.  In my frustration I couldn't sleep Tuesday and when I finally did fall asleep I woke up later that night to find I had slept through my Zumba class.  I felt terrible and became even more frustrated because I really like it and was looking forward to it.

I finally got back to bed Tuesday night but was up early Wednesday morning.  I woke close to 5:30 am I would guess.  Well doesn't matter, I was trying to get caught up on things before heading to Bath, lost track of time and was late getting to the salon where one of my regulars was my first client.  I felt horrible for being late.  He is such a wonderful person, is never late, never cancels and is such a joy to work with.  He waited almost 30 minutes for me.  Ten of those minutes were because he is always that early but twenty of them were because I was that late!!   I am extremely grateful he is so wonderful and understanding.  After his session I came downstairs to collect my thoughts and possibly get organized only to find out I had three more clients right after him.  I am not complaining about having clients.  That will never happen.  I am very grateful for every client I am priviledged enough to work with but I have to admit I was hoping for a little down time.  So I finish with all my sessions for the day and as I'm walking out the door the owner asks if I would be willing to squeeze in another session before I leave.  I hate to turn down business but I had to.  I knew I had to be to work at Price Chopper that night so I actually turned down a client.  I still feel like kicking myself in the butt but I couldn't help it. 

Anyways, I get home, open the front door and am hit with a double whammy!  I forgot to check the coal in the stove before I left for Bath.  Needless to say the house was filled with the sulfur smell from burned out coal fire and the carbon monoxide detector is going off as well.  I just wanted to turn around and pretend I was at the wrong house and hope nobody saw me.  I did not though.  I opened all the windows and doors, unplugged the stove so it would stop blowing all the sulfur smell through the house, and then pulled the battery from the CO detector.  After about 45 minutes or so I put the battery back in the detector and it didn't continue to sound.  I closed the windows and doors, filled the stove with coal emptied the ash pans and looked for a starter pack to relight the stove.  I couldn't find a starter pack anywhere (I even looked again this mornin and still can't find one).  Needless to say I had to turn the furnace on and won't be able to turn it off until I go get a starter pack from the coal place.

I am now home after another night of work and don't feel quite as frustrated.  Although to add one more thing to my list one of the guys that was suppose to work the load with us last night called out sick.  That means there were only three of us to throw the whole load.  We weren't able to finish it in time but we did finish the majority of the load and all of the leveling.  Not all bad I would say.

I feel much better now.  Time to take a shower and see about heading to bed.

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