Friday, January 21, 2011


I had an interesting dream last night.  It was set in FLSM in the massage room.  We were handing around papers which were letters to each student from the school and as classmates we had to sign them kind of like a yearbook.  As I was writing on some of the papers I realized I miss many of my classmates and I especially miss the ones I didn't really get to know all that well.  I find this rather strange.  For example when Avi's paper came around all I could think of was how amazing it was to watch him work.  He made the work look almost spiritual most of the time.  I also thought about Ashley, Alyssa and Danielle.  As much as I was agitated by their actions during the science classes I miss their bubbly attitudes and humorous antics.  Tonight's dream was very enlightening for me and hopefully one day I will be able to rectify the fact that I didn't take the time or effort to befriend more of the wonderful people I went to school with. As I told all of them during one of the closing activities the end of school this is only goodbye for now and I will see them all again, at least once more in their life time.  I do plan on making that happen.

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