Tuesday, March 8, 2011

NYC Expo

This past weekend I went to the International Esthetics, Cosmetics, Spa Conference down in New York City.  Hands down was the best weekend I have had in a while.  It was at the Javits Center on W. 34th St. in Manhattan.  It was interesting to see all the different products the vendors had to offer.  It was definitely geared more towards the esthetic & cosmetic side but there were a few massage oriented vendors there.  I did get to stop at the Biotone table where I was able to obtain a bunch of different samples.  Almost all the samples I came away with were for products I had wanted to try/experiment with but was too afraid/cheap to spend the money on.  Although on top of the samples I did buy 1/2 gallon of both lotion & oil, a 4 oz tub of body wrap solution and an 8 oz bottle of massage gel which I am excited to try out this week. 

Another table I stopped at had the most comfortable massage tables every.  Unfortunately I don't remember the name off hand but I did get their card and a catalog.  I don't need a new table yet but I am passively looking for a lighter traveling table.  At the conference they had one table displayed that only weighs 21 lbs.  That would fabulous instead of lugging around my table which has a wood frame.  Although none of their tables were particularly wide and I have always favored a wider table.  Probably because I am a larger woman and want my larger clients to also feel comfortable and confident on the table. 

There was a German company I looked at.  They have only been available in the US for a couple years now but the one thing they had that no other vendor there had was a massage candle.  Now I had seen them in catalogs before but had never experienced one.  It was quite pleasant!  I had been nervous to try one because I thought the melted candle would be too hot but because the candle is soy and another oil with no parafin it melts at a much lower temperature.  The end result for the client is the sensation of heated oil and for the therapist is a lubricant with the natural consistency of butter and a heated consistency of oil.  There were none for sale but they did give a small sample candle and I am super excited to try it.

More than likely I will go again next year and depending on how things go this year I may even pay to go the the International Beauty Conference which is in the same building on the same dates. 

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