Tuesday, August 31, 2010


My sister & I drove to Virginia this past weekend to visit my brother and his family which included meeting our newest niece. Her name is Addison and she is absolutely adorable. It's a miracle that she has her mother's eyes which are the most amazing blue I have ever seen especially since the only person in my immediate family with blue eyes is my mother.

We got in around 1:30 am Friday morning and left about 1:30 pm Sunday afternoon. It wasn't an overly eventful weekend but still very pleasant and wonderful. Friday we lounged around the whole day. Played with the girls and napped a lot as well. Then on Saturday we went to a swimming hole along the Appalachian Trail off of Sky Line Drive. It was absolutely freezing but we went in anyways. Tasha was the only one who chickened out but that's ok because she's always cold anyways. It was a mile and a half hike to the swimming hole and with a 3.5 year old and 5 month old in tow it seemed longer. It was a good workout though. Considering I haven't been walking regularly it was good. I was very sore after the hike back up from the bottom but it was a good sore.

Sunday before we left Aaron and Amanda showed us this old plantation house which was for sale. It was actually under contract when we say it but it was still pretty cool. You could definitely tell it hadn't been lived in for a long time because it stunk bad but whoever was buying it must have recently opened all the doors and windows. When we got there the place wasn't even locked up so we all went in a looked around. It was gorgeous!! It has huge rooms and 10' ceilings and massive windows. There was also 2 separate guest buildings near the house, a garden shed and the remains of one very old large barn which they were in the process of tearing down.

There was one accident ont he way down and one on the way back. Fortunately none of them looked like anyone was seriously injured and traffic wasn't held up too bad for us either because both were in the opposite lanes of traffic. Thank goodness Tasha drove otherwise we would have been roasting with no music because my jeep had no AC or radio.

Although it was a fabulous trip I am happy to be home safe and sound.

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