Saturday, September 4, 2010


I can't believe it is September already. This has definitely flown by like crazy. I don't know if I've put this in writing yet or not but I am working 3rd shift at Price Chopper as part of the grocery stock crew. I do like it a lot. I have been sweating my ass off almost every night and especially on load nights. Although I have not lost any weight I have notice a difference in the way my clothes fit and Rj has noticed how much more he can wrap his arms around me when he holds me. I am super excited by this. I haven't been walking since I started this shift but I know if I got back into it I know the weight would drop like a ton of bricks. The only problem is I am exhausted and very hungry every morning after work so I go go home eat food (usually some sort of meat dish) then relax for a couple of hours and go to bed. That is another thing that has been getting better also. Minus a few sleepless days I have been getting 8+ hours everyday and yesterday was my day off and I slept for 14ish hours. This is awesomely crazy. I really do hope this change becomes permanent.

The real reason I wanted to type today is because I am super excited about my basil. I just picked about 6 stalks of basil from my 2 plants. I plucked the leaved, sorted out the bad ones, cleaned them and laid them in single layers on a cookie sheet. I use parchment paper in between the layers and put everything in the freezer. I know most people dry and grind their basil but I was researching the best way to store basil and other herbs and for basil and parsley the best method of storage is freezing. Whether in whole leave form or as a pesto like blend, most of the sources I looked at said these two herbs hold their flavor best when frozen. I found that very interesting so that's what I did.I can't wait til they are solid and I can put them all in a freezer bag. The next thing to do is to research some tricks to keeping the basil plants alive and healthy inside over the winter since it is not a hardy plant.

I will have to get back on here tomorrow and post pictures of how they look.

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