Sunday, July 25, 2010


Today is experiment with pictures day.
I am going to try a bunch of layouts and see which ones I prefer.
The pictures above and below are of my perm after about 6 weeks. I think it looks better wet but it usually doesn't look too shabby no matter how it is.

The next couple pictures are misc. but I promise there will be some sort of commentary.

So I have decided you have to build picture blogs from the bottom up or you end up having to move everything around. This is kind of weird and frustrating.

By the way this is RJ ready for his first day at Price Chopper. I know I am a photographing maniac now but I want to remember these days when I'm old and senile.

This is a picture from this years Reed Reunion. Left to right are my grandfather Reed's sisters Donna and Carole, some unknown relative and husband of unknown relative. The face in the corner is my cousin Meagan.

This is my brother Aaron with his daughter Addison, March 19th, the day she was born. I have not met her yet but my parents said she is adorable. I get to meet her towards the end of August. Yay!

I think I like the alternating right and left photos over the vertical stack because is takes up less room on the page. I like white space and all but not a whole lot.

I have been trying to get two pictures to be side by side on the same row and it is just not working. Anyways above is the concrete pad poured about a week ago for Tim's double wide.

I was going to post some pics of the Relay for Life I talked about yesterday but I think I might wait and do another post for those pictures.


  1. BTW, Jon and I were in Price Chopper this weekend and the credit card scanner thing went down, so the FO Supervisor came over to reboot it. We're standing there talking and all of a sudden, the most offensive, ear-piecing noise fills the entire cavernous store. I thought for sure it was a fire alarm or something. She told me it is the "bell" the delivery trucks ring to let you guys know you have a delivery! Can't you use your mad electrical engineering skills to swap out that horrific sound and put in, I don't know, birds chirping or something??? ;)

  2. I would love to put in a different sounding bell but you don't want to know how much money they spent to have that god awful sound ring through the store. Thank you about the hair also.