Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Long Time

I have fallen out of my routines lately. I haven't walked, ridden, blogged, cleaned, read or any of my other usual things. Now having acknowledged the situation maybe I will be able to motivate myself back to my normally more active life style. Partial fault for this I blame on work. I have been working what I think some would call a swing shift. Overnights for a day or two then days for a couple days and then back to overnights for a night. The constant change in sleep times makes for very restless sleep.

It is amazing to me having worked up to 3 jobs at one time during college I was always still able to do school work, socialize, etc. I then worked at Sanmina and even when I would put in 50+ hours in a week I still had time to do the normal day to day things and now that I am working part time I have time to the day to day but I have no ambition to do so. I also have a hard time and generally feel exhausted when I put in more than 35 hours. It's rather strange to me.

I am going to have to start looking for the Grade B maple syrup again. I felt fantastic and energetic after my cleanse and it wasn't even for the full 10 days either. I think I may do the cleanse 3 or 4 times a year now or at least frequently enough that I don't get the run down feeling.

This time however, when I come out of the cleanse I think I may pursue a more vegetarian life style with my only meat being minimal amounts of chicken and fish. By fish I mean tuna because I still haven't found a fish dish that I like. As far as when to do the cleanses go January, May & September seem to be pretty good times for them. After the holiday seasons would probably be best.

I am going off the bed now as I almost dozed off while typing this.


  1. Check TJ Maxx or Home Goods (in vestal) for the maple syrup. They seemed to have a lot of it when I was there last weekend. I didn't specifically check the grade, but I noticed different shades.

  2. Thanks for the tip I will definitely look there.