Sunday, March 4, 2012

New Websites

I have been working on getting my name on the interweb.  Unfortunately it has been a while since I have to creat a webpage so I am definitely a lot rusty.  Thankfully I have a caouple friends who are interweb pros.   The first one I set up was just a tester/accident.  I clicked on a link looking for info and set up a webpage before I knew it.  It was free so no harm no foul.   This is what I get for clicking on those facebook advertisements.

The second webpage is through my ABMP membership and is also "free".  As free as yearly dues allow but more free than paying for my own domain name.  It's very generic but hopefully soon it will include pictures, sales announcements and much, much more.

If you happen to visit either site could you please respond with some feedback or suggestions.  Like I said before I am very rusty at this and any input would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I like the Style Seat one but I don't get what style seat is. Do you eventually have to pay for it? You need a good picture of you up there, or a picture of the massage room or something. I always want to put a face to the name. It makes you more credible. The other one is just fine too- I see no reason not to keep both really.

  2. Thanks for the feedback hun. I don't know much about style seat either. That's the facebook link I clicked on for more info and ended up making a page. I do want to get pictures on both of me, the salon and the room. The sooner the better I know. I do not have to pay for either though so that's good while I'm getting back into the swing of things.