Wednesday, February 8, 2012


Well calm is not the name of the game yet.  Monday afternoon Dave woke up with a serious toothache.  Like his cheek, jaw and neck were swollen!  It was hard for him to swallow and everything.  Needless to say off we went to the emergency room.  Three hours there got him a sorry all we can do for you is write you a script for antibiotics and pain pills you can't fill til tomorow.  Thankfully the NP was nice enough to give him one antibiotic treatment and one pain pill there.  Tuesday morning we get the prescriptions filled and get him into a dentist.  Surprisingly the Davenport & Taylor Family Center in Bath was able to get him in with only about a 20 min wait.  That landed him a written referral to an oral surgeon to have one, possibly two teeth extracted.  I called them right after the dentist not expecting to get in but I am so thankful to whoever canceled at the oral surgeon because they got him in this morning and were even able to pull both teeth at once because he had already started the antibiotics.  The oral surgeon gave him another two scripts which he had to start this afternoon as well.  This boy is so doped up no wonder he's sleeping.  He talked to work and even though the oral surgeon said no work he's going to at least go in and babysit everything because they need a manager there.  I will definitely be driving him because I am not letting him drive with everything he is on.  I doubt the boy will even be able to make an informed decision but well see how he feels when he wakes up.  Maybe with those teeth out he will be more rational.  Anyways, off to look for another job.  Have a good night everyone.


  1. Eek! Jon has terrible tooth problems like that. Poor Dave. It's good he has you to take care of him!
    Off to look for another job? As in additional job???

    1. Well Mishi left FLSM and they are looking for a new retail therapist so I thought I would send in my resume and see what happens. Overall though I do need something with a consistent paycheck because the salon is just too spuratic for bill paying.