Friday, March 23, 2012

Over Active Brain

Good Evening!

It seems as of late that the only time I am able to get online is after 9 pm hence the late night posts on both facebook and here.  Oh well I guess that just means I am being slightly less lazy than I was before.

I did walk today.  It didn't happen until 7 pm but it happened none the less. 

I also got a few financial things checked off my to-do list.  With any luck and maybe a tiny bit of planning I can get a couple more things handled tomorrow before Tasha gets here.

Oh!!  And that is another thing I am super excited about.  Tasha will be here tomorrow!!!  We will be going to the Amish bulk food place on the way the Penn Yann and I will be receiving a Reiki session while she's here as well.  Can NOT wait!

So now for the actual reason I was typing.  Last night my brain just would not stop.  It's not like I was focused on one thing either.  My thoughts just kept jumping from one thing to the next.  I couldn't get myself to focus long enough to ground and the few short times I was able to focus one one thought or idea it was always a very stressful topic.  I don't know what my deal was but it kept me up until 3:30 or 4 am.  The other wierd thing is when my alarm went off at 7:30 am, I hit the snooze but didn't really go back to sleep.  Normally I can zonk back out for 4 snoozes easy.  Not this morning.  I was awake. 

The one good thing?  I wasn't stressing over every and anything when I woke.  It definitely helped that I called Dave at work at like 2 am and he said he would talk things through with me when he got home.  For some reason I think that helped ease my brain/nerves a little.  He does have this crazy ability to calm me down and I'm a worry wart!  We did talk this morning, which is how I was able to get a couple things done. Yay for results!

Well I'm off to chill a bit before trying to sleep.  Hopefully I'll be more successful tonight.

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  1. I have that problem with the overactive brain before sleep a lot. What I have found, which I used to balk at, is that counting backwards from 100 really helps me. You know, once the lights are off and I am all under the covers. And if a thought comes in, I wave it away and go back to counting. Sometimes I think, "Well, this is stupid" but I keep counting and next thing I know, it's time to wake up.