Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Double Time

Since I didn't post yesterday I made doubly sure to post today.  Yesterday was another stairs day.  I took the day off to be with Dave and get things done around the house while he was sleeping.  As part of "getting stuff done" I went up and down the stairs a grand total of 25 times throughout the day.  I didn't walk but I considered the stairs and house work to be my exercise for the day.  I should probably stop doing that and just consider daily activity as bonus workout minutes on top of my exercise minutes.  Oh well!! Better luck next time. 

Yesterday's stuff though included cross stitch, laundry, dishes, cooking and more general cleaning.  Ya know, the stuff you can do quietly while someone is trying to sleep.  I am totally happy with my cross stitch progress!!  I finished the center design on the stocking ornament I making.  Seeing as how I am a new and therefore extremely slow stitcher I consider that amazing progress.  I only had to take out 6 mistakes and thankfully I caught them shortly after I made them. 

Today I spent the morning with Dave as I will do tomorrow also.  I mean he did take two vacation days to spend time together, the least I could do was take some time off of work.  I did go to work this afternoon for the one client on the books.  She was a regular so I was more than happy to see her today.  On top of being able to help her feel good she was 30 minutes early which let me leave 30 minutes early and she gave me a generous holiday tip.  I have never had a job that allowed me to accept tips but I have to say it is pretty cool. 

Before work Dave and I tried to cut/break the end of a couple wine bottles off because I still haven't figured how to do it for my lamp making yet.  Dave came really close today.  He used the rotary tool to make a deep groove around the bottle and if I hadn't messed it up when I was breaking the bottom off we would have been successful.  We did learn that the hand cutter isn't sufficient enough for wine bottles period.  Also, a metal rotary bit would work 10 times faster than the little stone ones that come with the tool.  Thirdly, even if you don't think the bottom will break off the bottle tap lightly to start and gradually increase pressure.  Do NOT just hit it on a tree without any serious thought to location or how hard.  The bottle definitely broke on the first hit and with a little thought would have broke cleanly all the way around.

Tonight I walked on the treadmill for about 20 minutes, stretched for 5, then did 3 sets of 10 for crunches, 1 set of 10 of crunches on each side and 2 sets of 10 of girly push-ups.  I know it's not all that much but it's better than nothing and it's more than what I have been doing.  Time for some more quality Dave time now that my exercise time and his video game time is up.  Night Night.


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