Thursday, December 8, 2011


Today was a day of stairs.  I think between the ups and downs of clients and cleaning and so on I probably climbed about 10 flights of stairs.  I also walked from the bank back to the shop.  So not necessarily a walk but action.  I am not sure why but my left hip is still very painful.  I have yet to isolate which motion hurts more standing up or sitting down because at this point they both hurt.  It doesn't hurt while standing or sitting but the transition is killer.  I may not be walking miles on end but I figure as long as I keep moving my goal to become healthier and lose body fat will be a little more attainable everyday.

Today was pamper mom day and it went kinda ok.  She was running late so she opted out of her ped and chose a quick lunch after her massage instead.  I know we picked a horrible time to try and eat but it seemed every place was absolutely packed!  First Subway, then Mc Ducks and finally BK.  I know none of these places are really healthy but we had a limited time window.  The first two had way too long of a wait and finally BK looked ok as the last ditch effort for food before I had to be back for my next client.

Overall today was very good.  I get to sleep in tomorrow as long as Corbin and Ashley aren't crazy loud trying to be quiet like they usually are in the morning.  If I don't really get to sleep in that will just give me an excuse to get my walk in early.  Silver lining I guess.  ;)  Night Night

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