Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Staying Accountable

So to follow up on yesterday's post:

I did walk on the treadmill again tonight.  I should probably start having some sort of time telling device near me though.  I say I was on there 30ish minutes but it was heavily interupted watching a 3 year old.  Although, I must have stayed at workout level the whole time because I was definitely sweating and my legs were kind of jelloy while I was stretching afterwards.  Also, when Karen came down, I was stretching and she said it was 8:45 and I had started shortly after 8.  I wish the trackers on her treadmill worked but oh well.  Toy Story will just have to work as my tracker/time telling device for now.  That movie is always the movie Corbin (the 3 year old) wants to watch and since he was with me downstairs, it is what I watched while walking. :)

Today was a good day at the shop.  I had two scheduled appointments and then a walk in made my day.  I love walk-ins!  I don't get many of them which is why I almost jump for joy when one comes my way.
There is no one my book for tomorow so I am going in at 1.  Maybe by the time I get there someone will want to come see me.  Here's hoping.

Also, following up on yesterday's spray tan.  Before my shower, I definitely felt and looked dirty, actually down right filthy, like I enjoyed rolling in dirt all day.  Don't get me wrong I love dirt but I hate looking like a scuz bucket on purpose for 8 hours.  You're supposed to wait 6-8 hours before getting wet in any way, sweat, rain, shower, anything.  I waited 7 hourse before walking and then by the time I took a shower it had been 8 hours.  Everything is all well now.  No more scuzzy Rachel and the pray tan  looks very natural.  That is if becoming 5 shades darker over night is natural.   :)

I think it's time to read and then zonk out.  Sleep has not been nice to me as of late.  Hopefully tonight will net me more than 4 hours.

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