Sunday, November 6, 2011

I just don't know

It's November 6th and the clocks are set back.  I just finished watching a couple movies while walking on the treadmill through the 1st one.  For some reason I want to get in the car and just drive.  I don't know where I just want to go. 

So not that long ago RJ asked me to go to the movies with him.  I hadn't really been avoiding him I just really wasn't thinking about him.  So I was surprised to get anything from him because in the not thinking about him I haven't talked to him.  Well I did respond to his invite, I told him that would be a bad idea since Dave and I started dating not that long ago.  I had never told him earlier because I didn't think it was any of his business.  Well about 2 seconds later he responds with "Wow, that was fast!   *sigh*"  I didn't answer back and I haven't heard from him since.  Dave then came home from work the next morning and informed me that RJ requested to be scheduled so that he would never have to see Dave even for a little bit.  When I first heard this I laughed out loud for quite a long time.  I know that's not right but I thought that kind of reaction was a little overboard.  I guess we'll see what happens soon enough.

Tomorow I have plans to buy a printer, possibly go clothes shopping and then watch Corbin for a few hours.  As much as I love Corbin and want to help Karen, watching him will be interesting since he is just coming back from living with Jeremy again.  Today alone he called his grandma Karen a motherf*cker 3 times!!  Why does Ashley always pick the crappy ones and then move right in with them?  This happened the last time she took Corbin over there for only a couple nights.  I don't know how that guy speaks normally but from the sounds of Corbin's mouth when he gets back I would say Jeremy cusses like a sailing trucker.  Hopefully Ashley gets her head screwed on straight because Corbin doesn't need influences like that ever!

On a positive note, Dave and I have been talking about babies and having two of our own.  He thinks it would be amazing to have twins.  Although there are twins in my family I am more than certain I would rather have one at a time.  We have even talked about names!!  Beverly Anne for a girl and Gabe for a boy.  We still haven't nailed down a full name for a boy.  It's kind of funny to me because when we were with our ex's neither of us wanted children at all but together we are all about having them.  I think he will make an amazing dad.  He is so amazingly good with his nieces and nephew and he is also very patient and wonderful with Corbin.  We aren't in a super hurry but the 1st will happen in the next 2 or 3 years.  I definitely want all child bearing done before I'm 35.  I don't know what is so special about that number but it's the one I picked.

Well I'm off to read I think.  Maybe driving my imagination will satisfy the want to physically drive.

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