Sunday, November 20, 2011

Holiday Goodies Round 2

Today was a fun filled day of holiday goodie making with Mom & Tasha and eventually Jen.  Five batches of patties made, three zucchini cakes with cream cheese frosting, two batches of peanut butter fudge and one batch of chocolate-peanut butter fudge, all made with love over large amounts of laughter.  Dave came down with me as well as Corbin.  Corbin played very well with Suzanne all day.  An amazing feat let me tell you because we have been working very hard to rid him of the potty mouth his mother's now ex-boyfriend instilled upon him.  He played, didn't get lippy with anyone and he didn't say a single cuss word all day.  Progress!!!  Dave went and visited his parents and then his friend Kyle while us girls laughed the day away. 

Some people think it's nuts that we have to break our holiday goodie making into multiple days but we just can't do it all in one day anymore.  I mean if you think about it we make a LOT of delicious, yummy goodies.  There are two more days necessary for goodie making and we have already made 20 dozen peppermint patties, 15 dozen cherry patties, 10 dozen rasberry patties, 5 dozen blueberry patties, 10 lbs of peanut butter fudge, 5 lbs of choc-peanut butter fudge, 5 lbs of no bake cookies, 5 lbs of fruit cocktail cookies and consumed 2 birthday cakes.  The last two days are to prep any more patties for coating, make at least 5 more batches of fudge and finally coat all the patties on the last day.  We used to do all goodies in one weekend which required long days, short nights and not nearly enough laughs.  I think we finally are doing this the right way.  It makes for a very enjoyable tradition no matter how busy our schedules get.

Well I think it's time to curl up in bed.  Although amazingly fun, today has been long and I need to be peppy for work tomorow.  Good night and sweet dreams.

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