Monday, March 28, 2011


So I've been thinking lately about how to fit regular, consistent exercise into my hectic inconsistent schedule.  I don't even know where/when to start mapping out my day seeing as I work days and nights.  How about 9am?  That is usually a time of the day I am home. 

9 am = I am usually home getting ready to go to Nails Plus where I love being a Massage Therapist.
10 am - 11:30 am = On the road to Bath, NY ~ 1.25 - 1.5 hour trip.
11:30 am - 8 pm = Clients!  Some days I get out a little early or have a large gap between clients but I am there and awake all day.
8 pm - 9:30 pm = Driving home from Bath, NY.
9:30 pm - 10:30 pm = Either napping or driving to Price Chopper where I am a Grocery Stock Clerk.  If I am scheduled to be there at 10 pm then I am driving to work otherwise I am napping for roughly 45 minutes before I get ready to be to work at 11 pm which is my standard work time.
11 pm - 7:30 am = Standard written work schedule has my shift finished at 7:30 am however in reality I am usually at work until 8:30 am on average.
8:30 am - 9am = drive home

That should cover a typical 24 hours.  You might note there is no scheduled sleep time or meal time.  This is because there aren't enough hours in a day to set aside time for such nonsense.  I don't usually eat anything during the 9 am hour while getting ready for Bath.  I should also mention that getting ready for Bath is more than showering and getting dressed.  It is the time I catch up on Facebook, blogs, and talk to my husband outside of the work environment.  (He works with my at Price Chopper)  I also call Nails Plus to make sure I have clients that day.  Since this hour is pretty packed and precious to me I refuse to add exercise to this hour although I am sure I could add a healthy breakfast.

Usually on the way to Bath I stop at the local KwikFill for a 16 oz fakeccino thing and a cream cheese danish.  I know these are completely unhealthy but I enjoy them and I can consume them while driving.  Time wise this puts me eating something around 10:15 am. 

I will skip my time in Bath for now and come back to it later.  So that takes me to the drive home.  I usually stop at the KwikFill in Bath for a drink and snack for the trip home, however, if I am driving straight from Nails Plus to Price Chopper I will forgo the KwikFill stop and make a fastfood stop along the way.  Usually BK for chicken fries and a small sprite.  Again, not healthy but it's food, sorta.  Time estimate for food is 8:30 pm.

Once at Price Chopper we take scheduled breaks, 30 min lunch at 12:30 am, 15 min break at 3 am and 15 min break at 5 am.  Lunch usually consists of a microwavable something or other (almost always easy mac) and some kind of fruit (apple, banana, etc).  The two breaks do not always include food but most time I do snack on something.  

Now back to Bath.  You must know that I only go to Bath if there is someone scheduled for the day.  I usually have at least one person scheduled everyday.  Also note they are closed on Sundays so I never drive to Bath on Sundays.  Now while there I try to order lunch when the girls do but if I am with a client when they order I just miss out.  Sometimes they will think to order me something but they usually forget.  This would be the perfect place for me to keep fresh fruit/veggies around to munch on between clients but I just don't think of it when I leave Price Chopper or my house.  I usually think of it as I am starving between clients.  For some stupid reason my view on food while there is if I eat great if not oh well.  Not a healthy thought process I know.

So although my 24 hour schedule doesn't have designated time to eat I do have some structured eating time.  As far as scheduled sleep goes that changes on a weekly basis.  At Price Chopper my schedule can change from week to week but my boss knows I work during the day so he tries to keep my schedule steady.  I usually work M, W, F & Sat nights.  So during this standard week I sleep Sun, Tues & Thurs nights for as many hours as humanly possible.  I have had weeks from hell where I worked Price Chopper M, W, R, & F nights and those weeks kill me because those three days in a row means I get 1-2 hours of sleep a day and come Sat night I sleep all night and usually most of Sunday as well.  When I say as much sleep as humanly possible I mean anywhere from 12 - 20 hours.  Twenty hours has been my longest sleep spell since working both jobs.

So although eating and sleeping are not scheduled in the 24 hour plan they do exist even if you have to look at the weekly forecast.  So any thoughts on how to incorporate consistent exercise or should I just fit inconsistent exercise in when I can and be happy with that?  The later will probably win out.

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