Thursday, December 23, 2010

Business Thoughts

I have been relatively busy lately but I think that's ok.  Last Sunday was my family's christmas get together.  It was very nice.  My brother, his wife and their kids came over to my parents house as well as my sister, her boyfriend and his girls.  The kids all played very well together.  Tim, Tasha and I were all in agreement though, if we had acted and played in the house like they had been doing when we were kids we would have been swatted and told to sit down and be quiet.  We find it very humerous how different our parents are with the grandkids as opposed to how they were with us.  Don't get me wrong they were and continue to be fabulous parents, the changes are just noticable. 

I had lunch with my mom Tues and she notices the difference with dad in particular.  We have a theory about the change, he has lost more of his hearing over the years and maybe the playing kids aren't as loud to him anymore so the noise doesn't bother him.  Either way Dad loves being with the girls and they love playing around when he is there. 

Monday and Wednesday were both full days at Nails Plus.  This coming Monday will also be very full.  Not only are my normal times booked I am also coming in early for 2 extra clients.  I am happy business is staying steady up there.  We'll see after the fist of the year but by the looks of things so far I don't think that will be too much of a problem.

I have also booked a client for Nichols next Wed after Bath.  On top of that I sold a gift card as well.  Maybe if things go well I will get some ectra money and be able to do a little advertising down here.  It would be nice if I could get this practice off the ground too.

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