Saturday, December 11, 2010

Hoe + Thow

I am very uncertain what to say today. I almost feel ashamed having not posted anything for 2 months especially after being all gung hoe about blogging in the begining. For that I appologize to anyone who actually pays attention to the things I post.

There are 2 weeks until Christmas and I am so unprepared and actually kind of out of the holiday spirit. Although I am excited to see Suzanne's rections this year I wish I could also see my other nieces also. Alas Virginia is quite a distance away. I attribute the lack of holiday spirit on working in a store environment. I have heard Christmas music since before Thanksgiving and seen Christmas merchandise since Halloween. That environment kinda makes the holidays wear thin very fast.

Although a lot of time has passed not a lot of new things have happened. My sister has changed living conditions and because of that I gave her my laptop so she would continue having a computer access.

A lot of working is really all I have been doing lately. Last Sunday and yesterday My mom, sister and I made a lot of our holiday goodies. Totals include 8 batches of fudge, 2 batches of Fruit Cocktail Cookies, 6 batches of Peppermint Patties and 2 batches of patty filling with cherry, raspberry or creme de minthe oils. All were delicious. To further experiment we dipped half of each new flavor in white chocolate. Although I am not normally a raspberry or white chocolate fan I absolutely love the raspberry patties in white chocolate. They were fabulously divine. I will probably make more of those to give away for Christmas.

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  1. Ya know I posted this entry without even commenting on my original thought that prompted teh title. I have been going through just about everything in our house and getting rid of any unnecessary stuff. From clothes to general clutter it is all being sorted, and most importantly, removed from our house. For this I am very excited and thankful I have had the extra time around the house.