Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Getting Back

I am slowly getting back into my old routines. I have been sorting and cleaning quite a bit recently which feels amazing.

Although it is too cold to walk outdoors I am getting on the Wii again (sporadically best describes it). I brought the Ab Lounger in from the shed so hopefully now that it is in the house I will actually use it and not just pile things on it.

I haven't been reading but I have been playing with some crochet patterns and new yarn, maybe I'll make a scarf or blanket with a bunch of different test strips. That might look interesting. It will be good practice anyways.

Tomorrow Mom and I are going to mail out our Christmas presents to Virginia. They probably won't get there in time but better late than never.

I only had 2 clients today and I always wish for more but it is better than none. So far no one is booked Friday but I am full next week. It kind of surprises me how many people want in right before Christmas. I am not complaining though. I ran a special for $29 for an hour massage I started it in Oct as a new therapist getting clients kind of deal and then I thought why not keep it going for Christmas. This has been great for getting new clients and it has given me a bunch of repeat clients as well but I am nervous that come next year they will all disappear when I go back to my normal rates. I guess I shouldn't be too nervous though because I think I am going to run a $39 hour special starting Jan 1st through Valentines Day in hopes of continuing the steady business. Of course all of this is happening in Bath.

I should really get motivated and do some serious advertising down here for over in Nichols. The only issue I have with the space in Nichols is it very small and I do mean VERY small. Almost claustrophobic small. I also need to get a second table for over there. I can't lug my current table back and forth; it is way too heavy. Guess I better start looking for a good deal or for someone who is willing to be paid in trade.

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