Saturday, August 20, 2011

Howin and throwin

Today I plan on being at the trailer all day.  Cleaning, packing any random things that are left, probably demolishing a shed and making the place move in ready for the next owner.  I think I will probably have to make two trips up the road today because I don't have the truck; I only have the jeep.  Although I can pack that thing fuller than hampster cheeks I still might need two trips. 

So one of my time killing past times includes reading a lot of healthy living blogs a) for inspiration and b) for amazingly tasty yet healthy recipes.  This weekend is the Healthy Living Summit being held in Philadelphia.  Of the different healthy living blogs I read, FOUR of the authors are at the summit this weekend and it's rather interesting reading four individual accounts of the same activities.  I know readers can attend the summit and I love attending those type of gathering because you can meet some amazing people, BUT I am still testing the waters on how I can make my life healthier so I don't think I would feel comfortable attending a healthy living gathering especially since I don't live very healthy yet.  Maybe one of these days I will feel like I am on the same level as these other women but until then I'll just keep gathering inspiration and amazing recipes.

On the recipe note, I definitely made an amazing dinner last night.  The main dish was a sauteed mix of cabbage, yellow squash and kielbasa with a bunch of random spices from the cupboard.  Accompanying that was broccoli smothered in creamy melted cheese and desert was these wonderful peanut butter chip rice crispy treats.  Although dinner was delicious and totally filled me up I was absolutely feeling the treats afterwards.

Well time to get my butt in motion or I'll never get anything done.  Hopefully I can get back on here again this weekend before my week carries me away.

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